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The Pinto Project is a community jobs and life skills training program with management and leadership comprised of a regional group of faith based and non-faith based members of the community and is being organized under the 501c3 ministry covering of Promise Ministries and the Robert A Paul Christian Academy and Scholarship Foundation, Fresno, CA. The Pinto Program participant consideration focuses on single parents under financial challenge, qualified homeless veterans, and qualified "at risk" members in the Denver and Colorado Front Range communities. Our mission is to help and to provide a decent second chance opportunity to these members of the community by using job training and work coupled with education and guidance through life skills training and personal spiritual development. 
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This is part of Pat Vigil's legacy. Now move forward approximately 38-years to 2009.
Now move forward 8-years to 2017 ... Pat, the Lord is now in the lead ... He's driving the car.
These are people who we encounter or may know and are part of the humanity that makeup communities across the United States.The Pinto Project vision is to work to help provide such an opportunity. We are part of the "Christian Outreach Community." We are proactive in both a spiritual and practical sense in reaching out and helping serious people. Whatever your reason for visiting this site, if you believe in people and their potential to overcome failure and move beyond challenge, please keep this effort in prayer. God bless and thanks for visiting.
Thank you for your interest in the Pinto Project. We are a faith based Colorado non-profit corporation under organization. The Pinto Project is a life skills and job training program being organized to help financially challenged single parents, qualified homeless veterans, and qualified "at risk" members of Colorado Front Range communities. They are people who are recovering or rebounding from challenging circumstances as a consequence of poor choices in their journey. We are looking for serious people in need of opportunity for a second chance towards the ability to establish the personal sense of dignity that comes from commitment, work, and investment and who are ready and willing to put in the work   

Accordingly, the Pinto Project is like a 2-sided coin with two elements and functions ...
Welcome from the Pinto Project
On one side of the coin is our provisional purpose and mission to work with local construction, window service companies, and real estate and mortgage companies to develop job training and work opportunities for qualified program participants.
This component is called the "Champions for Life Job Training Program" and is in the area of residential and commercial sales and installation of mini blinds and window upgrades as well as real estate and mortgage sales and processing training. The Champions Jobs Training program incorporates the incentives of learning a marketable skill set with the goal of securing full time job placement by an associate providing the training and work, a local contractor, or service provider. 
On the other side of the coin is education through practical and faith based life skills training. This component is called the "Champions Life Skills Teaching Ministry" and is a teaching ministry with a threes month curriculum for men and women. The curriculum is the dynamic Men's Fraternity teaching series materials. 
The business and work training is the provisional half of the Pinto Project purpose while the practical and spiritual life skills teaching represents the program's educational component. This is a 360° practical and ministry approach to outreach, restoration, and a personal growth opportunity for the participants of the program. 
The Pinto Project has it's roots in a mid 1970's jobs program for Colorado ex-offenders called the "Pinto Program." This was a program that saw an approximate 80% success rate and was started by visionary Patrick Vigil. 
While already on the streets and in and out of youth detention and corrections at age 13, I had heard about Pat and already met many of the "characters" that went through the Pinto Program through my father and uncle. Both had been involved in an organization that was established during that time in Canon City's "Old Max" prison by a group (including Pat) from the CU Boulder. The organization was known as L.A.D.S. or The Latin American Development Society. 
These men were like heroes and role models to the street mindset and mentality of many impressionable youth in Denver's housing project culture - Curtis Park, Quigg Newton, Lincoln Park, the Casitas, Westwood, and the Sun Valley housing projects. This was, and in a different way today still is, a continuing generational cycle for many in those neigborhoods which are still running a 50% high school drop out rate. It seemed that too many youth of that day accepted that they would eventually go to prison to earn their stripes through a journey that started at "Jive Hall" (Now known as the Gilliam Youth Center and named after Judge Phillip B. Gilliam) and progressing to the youth facility known as "Golden" and "Buena Vista" state reformatory on their way to Canon. 
At the heart of this, for most of these youth, was the absence of parental and positive leadership, poverty and a poverty mentality and spirit, drugs and drug addiction, the lie of a street code, and just a lot of bad choices by young people who grew old, died, or were killed before their time and who found the cycle hard to break away from when they wised up and hard to move forward from once they did. Pat Vigil saw this and was a part of it as well. Though battling with his own demons, Pat managed to become educated and became a community activist of sorts. He saw the cycle and did something about it. Among the things he did was to organize and make a go of the effort called the Pinto Program.
In 2009 during a meeting and a discussion aimed at resurrecting the 70's Pinto Program with Pat Vigil and a Denver Latino community education champion, Pierre Jimenez, who had also experienced and found his way out of the cycle, I asked Pat these questions, "Looking back on the Pinto Program (of the 70's), if you were to change anything, what would it be? And what was missing that you would change if you could go back and do it again? Pat's answer was immediate and without hesitation, "I would put God in it. We didn't have a focus on faith." 
The Pinto Project team includes leadership and team structure that match the needs for the Pinto Project as a 2-sided coin consisting of a provisional business and jobs component and the life skills teaching ministry component; one practical and provisional and the other life changing growth and healing. The team is a combination of staff and that cover program and community needs as well as volunteers that work and run our fundraising events. We seriously believe in organization built around the team and family concept. Our staff and event volunteers are family.
The Pinto Project is a Colorado Limited Liability Nonprofit Corporation under 501c3 organization. We are organizing and operating under the spiritual and 501c3 non profit legal covering of Promise Ministries and the Rev. Robert A Paul Christian Academy and Scholarship Foundation and CEDF Construction Academy of Fresno, CA. Victory Outreach Greater Denver, La Familia Ministry Denver. As a Colorado Non Profit corporation under 501c3 organization, the Pinto Project is in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State. The Pinto Project business plan is available when and where appropriate. Access is by request to the Pinto Project. To contact us, please call 720-300-9054 or by email. 
The Pinto Project Advisory Board consists of Christian Outreach Pastors, Ministers and community and business leaders from Colorado as well as California. Currently they include Senior Pastor George Kayajanian - Senior Pastor and Director of Men Of Promise Ministries, Fresno, CA, Senior Pastor John Sandoval - Victory Outreach Greater Denver, Mr. Ed Lucero former Director at the Denver Foundation, Apostle Tony Menjivar - Senior Pastor of Love International Outreach Fellowship San Francisco, CA, Senior Pastor Michael Mestas - New Hope In Christ Church, Denver, CO, Mr. Chris Fresquez - El Semanario Weekly Issue Newspaper, Denver, CO, Mr. John Avila of JCA Glass Company, Littleton, CO., and Dr. Robert Ornelas, SOG Minsitries & Elite TV, Anaheim, California
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