It was also during those years that La Familia began this journey as Azteca Productions and that the Rocky Mountain Promoters Association (RMPA) was founded as a Colorado nonprofit in support of Denver artists of color. From there, La Familia moved forward to become the most consistent and enduring privately owned and operated Chicano event promotions and production company in Colorado.
It was thirty one years ago in 1992, when a group of us got together to help a friend to meet burial expenses for his newborn son who passed away shortly after birth due to a heart disorder. We organized a concert and dinner benefit to raise money to help the family with burial and other expenses. The effort not only met the need, but well exceeded the financial goal because of a great Chicano community network and our ties to the streets of Denver. 
It has been quite a journey, but now, 31 years and over 500 events later, and after careful deliberation, it is time to prepare the ground to hand over the reigns of La Familia to a new generation. Accordingly, starting in 2023, direction of La Familia Denver will now begin to change hands and be passed on to the Barrientos children, Marisa and April, while two new operations, La Familia Pueblo and La Familia Southeast, are being established in 2023 in collaboration with Mr. William Leyba in Pueblo, Colorado, and Ms. Mary Jo Aragon of Rocky Ford that will cover La Junta, Rocky Ford, and Las Animas and the Southeastern Colorado area.
Finally, for three decades, La Familia has been blessed with the support of the Gente de Colorado, with good artist relationships from the East Coast to the West, with venue operators and production company professionals as well as through the support of sponsors and community partners from Colorado to California. 
Mil Gracias a todos! Que Dios los bendiga.
Accordingly, while I will remain active as long as necessary, in advance, I thank the beautiful Gente of Colorado for your continued support as well as an amazing business support network for your continued relationships and support for these new leaders.
The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling. But everything comes at a cost and there will be a price to pay... you're going to go through some things. Go forward anyway and remember, tomorrow is not promised and the Lord doesn't expect perfection from you, he never will. He never said it had to be pretty, he just said you have to be real. Do your best, seek humility, own your mistakes, do your best to never turn away someone in need, and believe with all your heart and leave the consequences to him because he already paid the bill. 
I leave them with this, that they should remember ...
Saturday, April 15, 2023
Salon Real Events Center 
2200 W Alameda Ave Suite 30, Denver, CO 80223 
Doors 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM 
This event is a family and community event designed to honor our community elders and support children. Details coming!
Little did I realize then where things would go from there. There were many people who came to us over the years that followed with needs for families of children who died under tragic circumstances. Since 1992, there have been 200 plus such efforts for many needs and reasons. We never said "no" to a parent, grandparent, or family member with a legitimate need and good spirit. 
Special thanks to Mr. Lenny Williams
A Class Act - Over the years it has been an honor.
Only a small portion of the events and experiences are portrayed here. There are literally thousands of photos and 500 events with archive promo materials that could be used, however, the idea here is to use what is necessary to share a 31 year journey ... click on the thumbnails to view
"A picture is worth 1,000 words."
An abbreviated chronological tour of the La Familia / RMPA journey is portrayed below using a sampling of event posters and graphics depicting highlights of our journey. In all things, blessing or challenge, opportunity or struggle, we acknowledge the Lord as our blessing, protection, and covering.
In honor and memory of Gato "Papi" Barbieri. You were an unexpected gift. 
Eighteen years. In honor and memory 
of  Tony "El Conguero" Menjivar 
In honor and memory of 
Bobby "El Chicano" Espinosa and Rudy and Steve Salas, founders of Tierra 
I will continue to run project operations in Denver during a two year prep and transition period and maintain the Colorado Latin Jam events. Also, La Familia Denver will work closely with our new Southern Colorado Partner La Familia Pueblo while Mr. Leyba begins to navigate and build for a season and will directly support Mary Jo Aragon under the La Familia covering. I am confident in the abilities of my children to navigate and operate wisely just as I am confident that Mr. Leyba's and Ms. Aragon's visions and abilities will only sharpen over the next few years and serve to enrich the people of Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado.