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We experienced a good and productive day in the spirit of community and outreach at the event. La Familia and New Hope In Christ are grateful and very proud of our event leaders and volunteers as well as the support of community organizations. 
Christmas is a time of year when we reach out to families with love and support. On December 19, 2021, La Familia Ministry Denver, the Mendez family of the Salon Real Events Center in Denver, members of the District 4 Police team and our 2021 community partners were blessed to conduct the 8th Annual “Father’s Heart - Nellies Kids” Christmas outreach. Who is Nellie? Nellie is every mother, grandparent, or single parent that has or is raising kids in times of challenge and are faithful and dedicated to doing everything possible in making Christmas memorable for children. That's who Nellie was.
2020 Father's Heart - Nellie's Kids Christmas Outreach 
The event took place in Denver, Colorado
The Pinto Project has its roots in an early 1970's jobs program for Colorado ex-offenders called the "Pinto Program." This was an ex-offender re-entry and job training program that saw an approximate 80% success rate and was started by visionary Patrick "Pat" Vigil. The story is authentic and not strange to multiple generations who walk a hard road, but have a tendency to rise... 
"It seemed that too many youth of that day accepted that they were destined go to prison to 'make their bones' in a journey that started at 'Jive Hall' (Now known as the Judge Phillip B. Gilliam Youth Center and named for a good man who I came to know and respect) and progressing to the youth facility known as Golden and on to the Buena Vista state reformatory on their way to the Colorado State Penitentiary. At the heart of this, for most of these young people, was the absence of parental presence and guidance, positive role models, poverty, a poverty mentality and spirit, drugs and drug addiction, and the lie of a street code." 
To read the complete story on the history and legacy of the Pinto Project, click on the images above to view, download or print the PDF document.
An excerpt from the Pinto Project history document:
The "Guidance For Living" 
Life Skills Empowerment Curriculum
Our purpose is to answer the calling as a spiritual and provisional community resource. Our mission is to help and to provide a decent second chance opportunity to at risk and under served members of the community by using education and guidance through life skills training and personal spiritual development coupled with job training and work opportunity for single parents under financial challenge, qualified homeless veterans, and qualified "at risk" members in the Denver and Colorado Front Range communities. Accordingly, the Pinto Project is like a 2-sided coin with 2 elements and functions.
On the other side of the coin of the Pinto Project training model is adult empowerment training for at risk students through curriculum based practical and faith based life skills training and diversion programming.
On one side of the coin is our provisional purpose and mission. Our mission is to work with local businesses, construction companies, window service companies, real estate agencies, and mortgage companies to develop job training and work opportunities for qualified program participants. Those that are accepted into the program understand and agree that they are accepted  as "clients" and "students."
Guidance for Living is a paced curriculum based guidance and teaching module. It offers practical direction to establishing positive living practices. It is comprised of basic life skills strategies training, at risk issue management, and coping skills.
Job program building model includes providing residential and commercial property upgrades in the area of mini blind sales and installation and upgrades. Other job training and placement areas that are being developed include apprenticeship opportunities in craft work skills training and service qualification as well as in the area of real estate and mortgage sales and processing.
The Pinto Project is being organized under the 501c3 ministry covering of Promise Ministries and the Robert A. Paul Christian Academy and Scholarship Foundation, Fresno, CA. The Pinto Project participant consideration focuses on single parents under financial challenge, qualified homeless veterans, and qualified at risk members in the Denver and Colorado Front Range communities. 
Accordingly, by design the Pinto Project Jobs Training program model incorporates the incentives of learning a marketable skill set with the goal of working with community partners to secure full time quality job opportunities.
Project 360° program training referrals and registration are ongoing.   For immediate help call 720-300-9054. For info email us at
The business and work training is the provisional half of the Pinto Project purpose while the practical and spiritual life skills teaching represents the program's educational component. This is a 360° practical and ministry approach to outreach, restoration, and a personal growth opportunity for students in the program.
Project 360° "Diversion and Prevention" 
Community Service and Prevention Training
Project 360° Diversion and Prevention offers programming options to young people needing to satisfy court mandated community service hours. Program referrals are on a volunteer enrollment basis. For detailed information click on the image
The Pinto Project is a community jobs and life skills training program under organization and funding consideration. The Pinto Project's oversight affiliation and leadership is comprised of a regional group of faith based and non-faith based organizations and members of the Denver community. 
"And the King will answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of mine, even the least of these, you did it to me." Matthew 25:40
Our heartbeat is for the lost and most vulnerable members of the community. Our calling is to the community more so than the four walls of a church. Our hope and mission is to provide at risk youth prevention assistance and family spiritual and provisional support. Our focus is men and family leaders, the elderly, and community members experiencing challenges with legal entanglements, drug involvement issues, addictions, and support needs. If you know someone that is struggling with drugs or addictions and needs prayer or support, you are invited to contact us. We would like to pray with and encourage them, and explore the possibility of assisting them locate what they need in their journey to wellness.
We are “project oriented” which means that we focus on community outreach projects and activities. This includes La Familia projects as well as collaborating with and/ or supporting music ministries and outreach efforts. As a project oriented "Para-church" ministry, we have no church congregation to support our outreach projects. Instead, we rely on the Lord for materials donations.
La Familia Ministries does not charge for any ministry help or service that we extend. 
2019 Cardenas Ministries "Easter Project - Great Easter Egg Hunt" annual event in Brighton, CO. 1,000 children from low income families and Brighton community members were provided with free children's Easter egg hunt, given free Easter baskets, and hot dogs and hamburgers for all in attendance. Photo Gallery >>
The La Familia Ministries 2019 Father's Heart - Nellies Kids Christmas Outreach where hundreds were fed a free holiday dinner by community and church volunteers, hundreds of Christmas toys were given away, and a free holiday Gospel concert was offered to the Denver community.  Photo gallery >>>
July 2019 La Familia and New Hope In Christ Church  came along side Cardenas Ministries for the "First Responders Annual Appreciation Project." The Cardenas Ministries project featured five on-site appreciation BBQ events. 1,500 first responders from Adams County and Denver were fed and provided with free Bibles. Link to photo Gallery >>>
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We are a non-denominational Christian ministry and practice and minister according to the full Gospel Christian doctrine. with emphasis on  the ministry model and example portrayed in the scriptural account of the example, life, ministry, and love of Jesus Christ. 
We are not a church but what is called a Christian para-church community outreach ministry organization. What that means is that our efforts are based on outreach projects directly in a community. The streets of a community is our church. That's where we were called to.
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community collaboration
Welcome and thank you for visiting the La Familia Ministries site. The first thing I usually hear from people that I meet or who reach out to us on social media is "Where is your church, I would like to attend?" 
La Familia projects are made possible through volunteers who give of their time and expertise as well as who work our community outreach projects. They have always been lead to us or to a project. They are the gold standard.
We wish to thank our 2020 community partners and volunteers for their support and participation in the The Father's Heart - Nellie's Kids as well as past community and ministry partners. We especially thank the US Marines and the Toys-For-Tots Foundation for all that they do in helping families and less fortunate children have access to toys at Christmas. This effort makes all the difference in the world to these children. We see it on the faces of the children each year at every event. So to the Marines and Toys-For-Tots, God bless you and thank you for your service. 
For materials and financial donations, please contact us at:
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Because of COVID-19 risk restrictions, the 2020 Father's Heart outreach and toy distribution was organized as a “Drive-By” effort. The outreach was done at a parking lot across from the Comfort Inn Hotel located off of W. 58th and I-25 in Denver with the help of the hotel and the Denver Merchandise Mart. The location provided easy interstate access and ample room for cars to lineup as they were processed through safely and in a timely fashion to receive toys and socks.
They are a powerful representation of the Father's Heart. We also appreciate the community partners that supported the event in various ways with special thanks to the U.S. Marines and the Toys-For-Tots Foundation for providing toys.
We have pictures of our volunteers working the car lines and helping the 175 families who showed up during the day's effort. They can be accessed for viewing and downloading from Google Drive. Just click or tap on the flyer to your right >>>>>>>>>>>>
Thank you to 2020 Community partners and supporters
We are “project oriented” which means that we focus on community outreach projects and activities. This includes La Familia projects as well as collaborating with and/ or supporting music ministries and outreach efforts. As a project oriented "Para-church" ministry, we have no church congregation to support our outreach projects. Accordingly, we rely on the Lord for financial and materials donations on a per project basis. If you would like to donate, there is a donation tool below and for materials donations there is contact information below as well.
La Familia Ministries does not charge for any ministry help or service that we extend. 
2021 Father's Heart - Nellie's Kids Christmas Outreach 
Denver, Colorado - December 19, 2021
Thank you to 2021 Community Partners and Supporters
La Familia was blessed to collaborate with the Rocky Ford Toys For Kids group which was led by an amazing woman, Ms. Francine "Francie" Miller as we all worked to produce the first Southeastern Colorado Father's Heart event. To the heartbreak of many, Francie Miller passed away just before Christmas, but not before leading the effort to a great success and servicing over 600 children and families from Rocky Ford and the surrounding areas. She is greatly missed!
In the Spirit of Giving, the Rocky Ford Toys for Kids group did an amazing job as they conducted the 2021 Toys For Kids Christmas toy giveaway campaign. The effort was lead by a great group of
2021 Rocky Ford Toys For Kids - Rocky Ford, Colorado
Thank you to 2021 Community Partners and Supporters
Neighbors, friends, and family in Denver and Southern Colorado, this is a simple thing, you are welcome to do LIGHTHOUSE with us. Whether it's food and materials donations for group community visits to the homeless, assisting families in distress, financial support, or just prayer support. You don't have to be a religious person or member of a church congregation, you just have to have a personal belief in God, his mercy, compassion, his love for people, and the power of prayer. None of those is about religion, manmade or otherwise. That's not what LIGHTHOUSE is. Rather, it's about one's personal faith and a heart. Simple. 

It just takes a minute to be used of God. To support LIGHTHOUSE community efforts and/or come out to do LIGHTHOUSE, call La Familia Ministries at 720-671-3151 and let's talk. Matthew 25:40 "The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." 
LIGHTHOUSE is not a church, a ministry, or even a noun. LIGHTHOUSE is an action verb, more accurately, actions by family, friends, and neighbors that reflect an absolute value for humanity and the love of Christ for all people. LIGHTHOUSE is the act of people giving of themselves while acting from faith, compassion and their own hearts in the midst of challenging times and great loss of life to the COVID virus and related health issues. No need for any additional description or narrative. 
churches, businesses, ministries, and community partners from the Arkansas Valley up to Denver in an effort to bless the children of Rocky Ford and the surrounding areas with toys, socks, and other provisions. Job well done!
Click on the images below to enlarge and view them.
Click on the images below to view the first SE Colorado Father's Heart
Click on the images below to enlarge and view them.
In ever changing and challenging times, now as in the past, older parents, grandparents, and elders, “Ancianos,” have been the bedrock of their communities and families. They have historically and faithfully stepped up in times of need in order to stand in the gap to meet the needs of children, grandchildren and others in their communities. They do this in real time and they do it as an assumed duty without fanfare or expectation of glory. 
They are the unsung heroes who give us life, nurture, and set the example and standard for humanity, and yet, societies, communities, and “we” sometimes take them and the example they represent for granted. But the Lord never does. He knows, and He knows that the responsibility for them is ours.
The Small Town Project in association with La Familia Ministries and Rocky Ford and La Junta area community members are pleased to introduce the “Dia de Los Ancianos - Day of the Elders” event. This event is coming to the Arkansas Valley as a community gathering and focused outreach project with a good purpose. That purpose is to bring Arkansas Valley area families together to celebrate elders and their value and honor selected elders.
This effort falls short of what we owe them. Notwithstanding, on Saturday, September 10, 2022, we will stage the “Dia de Los Ancianos - Day of the Elders” event in Rocky Ford, CO. This will coincide with the September 11th National Day of Grandparents observance. Invitations to participate are being extended officials of surrounding towns as well as churches and leaders of the faith-based community. The mobile mural that was painted by children during the Youth Mural Art Exhibit at the recent Latin Jam event will be on display at the event. It bears the images of Ms. Francie Miller, Ms. Rita Maes, and Mr. Felix Rivera. 
The event will offer a relaxed evening of family, food, music, and and dancing to Rocky Ford's own "Cascabel." There will be a recognition piece where elders of the community will receive RMPA Humanitarian Awards, one RMPA Social Justice Award, and one RMPA Veteran Service Award. Bring those you value and love.
The event will be held at the Gobin Building Event Center. It is a ballroom style format with all assigned and reserved seating. Table assignments will be made according to purchase date and table number on a "First-Come First Served Basis.When you receive your tickets, you will also receive a reserved pass for the table that you are assigned to. Once you purchase online be sure and call 720-671-3151 to arrange for ticket pickup, ticket mailing, or ticket delivery. Thank you. mailing, or ticket delivery. Thank you.
For questions on this policy, call 720-671-3151 or email us at