Compassion Ministries is a provisional and prayer community resource ministry that operates directly in the community as well as a resource support ministry to church and ministry community outreach projects.
“And the King will answer and say to them, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.'
For information or immediate assistance call 720-300-9054
The Legends Tribute event team welcomes Jazzy & the Blues members. J&B members can take advantage of the opportunity to receive free and discounted tickets to the Legends Tribute show. 
To request tickets simply click on the email icon to the right and send you name and telephone number. Those selected will receive a response with details of how to get tickets or if you are selected for discounted tickets, you will receive information accordingly. Thank you from Jazzy & the Blues.
Greetings and welcome in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for visiting the La Familia Ministries web page. La Familia Ministries is a Denver based para-church ministry and Colorado non-profit corporation operating under the spiritual and 501c3 legal covering of Promise Ministries of Fresno, CA and in limited partnership with New Hope In Christ Church of Denver.
We are a community outreach ministry. We operate under God's grace and give God all honor and glory for all things that he has brought, that he is bringing, and may bring to this ministry; be it opportunity or challenge. We are community driven and our efforts are focused directly in the community. We are non-denominational and adhere to the full Gospel Christian doctrine. However, we are not religious, legalistic, or pretentious. We do not subscribe to man made religion or its related agendas; but to the ministry example and model portrayed in the scriptural account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. 
We also provide youth prevention assistance in the area of at risk issues, family spiritual and provisional support, and Pastor, church and parental leadership support. Our focus is men family leaders, the elderly, and community members experiencing challenges with legal entanglements, drug involvement issues, addictions, and support needs. If you know someone that is struggling with drugs or addictions and needs prayer or support, you're invited to contact us. We would like to pray with them, encourage them, and explore the possibility of assisting them in getting what they need in their journey to wellness.
"La Familia" is part of the Colorado based La Familia Network. Our network is comprised of multiple organizations which have been operating locally, regionally, and nationally since 1995. These include La Familia Ministries, the Compassion Food and Clothing Ministry, the Pinto Project, and the Christian Music Network on the ministry outreach and music ministry side the house. On the community and secular side of the house, our partners are the Rocky Mountain Promoters Association aka RMPA, La Familia Denver, and West of the River Productions; our community support and fundraising partners.
If you know of any elderly community members or single parent families experiencing critical financial hardship and have incremental or emergency needs for food, please contact our Compassion Food Ministry. You will find information below. God bless you and thank you for visiting.
However, we are a "Para-church" ministry which means that we have no church congregation to support our outreach projects. Instead we depend on the event revenue that comes through the RMPA or West of the River Productions as we produce, or collaborate in,
We are “project oriented” which means that we focus on community outreach projects and activities. This includes La Familia projects as well as collaborating with, or supporting, Pastors, churches, and ministries in their projects and efforts on a statewide basis.
La Familia Ministries does not charge for any ministry help or service that we extend... period. 
The exception to this is the HopeFest Christian Music Festival and occasional concert events which are non-profit self contained gated events designed and intended to simply pay for themselves. We are "Para-church" with no congregation that provides financial support and rarely except donations and 
separate revenue producing entertainment and community events to cover costs and expenses for the ministry and ministry outreach projects. 
The pantry will be located in Northwest Denver with the coverage areas being the Curtis Park area, the Globeville area, the Baker neighborhood area, the Westwood area, and the Quigg Newton housing area. The pantry and delivery operation is projected to be fully operational by May 1st. Requests will be taken via telephone. We have used the ministry in support of community outreach projects; both ours and collaborative and support efforts of other churches and ministries, and community organizations. 
One feature of the ministry is that that we provide food on a limited basis for the elderly and single families. The need has increased to the extent that as of March of 2019, Compassion Ministries is being expanded to better serve the elderly and low income single parent families on a critical needs basis. Accordingly, we have begun a process of establishing a strategically located food pantry with volunteers that will deliver non-perishable item boxes of groceries to the elderly and families in hardship situations
Examples are the La Familia and associates Father's Heart Christmas Outreach where in 2018, 300 people were fed a free holiday dinner by community and church volunteers, hundreds of Christmas toys were given away , and a free holiday concert was offered to the Denver community. 
In 2019, La Familia and New Hope In Christ Church will partner with Cardenas Ministries of Henderson, CO for their "Easter Project - The Great Easter Egg Hunt" annual event in Brighton, CO. Children from low income families and the community at large will be offered a free children's Easter egg hunt, given free Easter baskets, and hot dogs and hamburgers for the families.