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Hernandez Realty Company was established in 1983 as a family owned and operated real estate company. I am second generation Hernandez Realty and a native of Denver with a love for my city and state. As a Christian mother and grandmother, faith and family are high on my priority list and these values have always represented cherished values at Hernandez Realty Company.
At Hernandez Realty we strive to understand our markets and our clients’ needs. Relationships are everything to us and we understand the need to connect people to their homes and to their communities. We believe that working with “all heart” can make all the difference in both relationships and the results that we are able to achieve for our families and commercial clients. Accordingly, our clients’ needs and best interests are at the heart of everything we do. this is the foundation of our personal and service commitments to our clients.
This is the driving force of what we will do to excel in meeting your needs.
We also believe in community and in giving back and paying forward. Accordingly, Hernandez Realty Company is blessed to be a proud sponsor of the Father's Heart - Nellie's Kids 2021 Christmas Community outreach.
This is a faith based effort that seeks to provide Christmas toys and other provisions to Denver area families that can use the blessing. If you know a family, single parent, or grandparent that may benefit from this effort, please have them visit and go to the "Projects" section for information or simply have them call 720-671-3151 to register children ages 4 through 12 years of age
Hello . Piyalli . Bienvenidos a Todos
Xochimilco M. Corona and Denise Carillo
Welcome to the Xicano Puppet Theater site.
Although my mom made her journey in 2003 after a heart-breaking battle with Non-Hodgkins’ lymphoma leukemia, her ideas are still valuable to our youth and community.
Art and culture through story-telling. It meant everything to her to involve the youth in rediscovering who they are. Empowerment in all of its creative avenues. We are learning how to create a puppet out of recyclable materials, and reconnecting with our indigenous roots. Our purpose is to share her her passion and legacy of cultural knowledge with the community and more importantly, the community youth who share the heritage and culture; that it may not be lost, but known, celebrated, and passed on. Knowledge is power. Thank you. Tlazokamati . Muchisimas Gracias!
My name is Xochimilco Corona. My daughter Denise Carrillo and I have begun to re-create my mothers’ puppet theater. This Eco-friendly Art form is fun and people of any age can enjoy. This vision of a Xicano puppet teatro belongs to my mother Jessie Corona, the original creator. She began to share her gifts of arte y cultura through her puppet teatro in the late 70’s, early 80’s, and throughout her life.