Polarized viewpoints based on passionate opinions or beliefs, in many cases, is the essence of what produces division. Sadly, special interest agendas and politics thrive on it, however, contention, anger, and adrenaline sometimes tempered with limited or distorted understanding of facts is what establishes and maintains it. However, none of these things can stand up to the heart and love of a parent or grandparent for their families combined with Jesus Christ's love and regard for humanity. There is nothing in the world that can endure or prevail over those two things once they are engaged and deployed for good and for change.
The conferences are invaluable to people and communities where events are scheduled and also invaluable to the mission of the Healing Tour Project.  
The Purpose of a Healing Tour Unity Conferences
Accordingly, working on that strength, a critical dynamic of a meaningful and productive conference outcome is open and balanced communication include opposing views on on issues and concerns along today's broad division spectrum with the focus on how seriously they impact communities and families.
Can We Talk? 
The Faith, Family, and Community Weave
Moving North of Division and Strife
"disagreement between two or more groups that 
will typically produce tension, strife, and hostility." 
"And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not easily broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12
Promoting and bringing unity and healing at the community level in today's world starts with leaders reaching agreement to stay engaged on an adult and human level as parents and grandparents. It starts at a human level and is the beginning of healing and the path to the end of strife and destructive division.
Though today's issues are challenging, Healing Tour themes must be used to find, launch, share, and maintain a vision for common ground communication based on the priorities of family, faith, and community 
The conferences offer an 'outside the box' thinking and action opportunity to bring together and activate faith and non-faith based community leaders towards engagement and dialogue in evaluating strategies that meet the needs associated with addressing division and strife at the community and family level.
What are they?
Healing Tour Project Unity Conferences are community level leadership forums offered in the days leading up to a Healing Tour Project concert or festival event.
The Healing Tour Project is a tool rooted in the Lord's call to unity and for our freedom from strife and division.  We appreciate your time and consideration.
Welcome to the Healing Tour Project. This site has been established as a Healing Tour Project 'online office' for information sharing with the project team, Gospel artists, speakers, sponsors, and community leaders from cities across the country. Project planning calls for organization and scheduling to be completed in late 2019 when we begin rolling the project out. The Healing Tour Artists for Unity Concerts and Unity Community Conferences are to begin in early 2020. 
The Community... Both Harvest Field and Battleground
In short, the purpose of the Unity Conferences is to identify, recognize, and engage in meaningful  dialogue towards agreement on strategies, structure, and effective work product that address division and strife at the church, community, and family level through both faith and non-faith based community leaders. 
  • 'Cultural Stage' Optional secondary stage for local artists who may bring multiple music formats that represent the cultural diversity of the area.
Telephone Contacts 
Information - Host & Sponsor Opportunities - Volunteers
Project Team: 720-300-9054 Email:
God help us communicate our feelings
I don't want to hate the ones I love
The Journey Begins
​When I saw someone today, as they slowly walked my way
I could tell that they were different from me
​Someone said 'Don't like them', then they started to fight them
For no reason that I could see,
​We will rise, rise above the anger, rise above the hatred,
rise above, so we can take control ... we will rise,
God help us and move us toward a healing 
everyone is precious in his sight,
​We will rise, rise above the anger, rise above the hatred
rise above, so we can take control ... we will rise
We will rise, rise above the language, 
rise above the color, rise above the enemy of our soul
​Open up our eyes and rise 
don't let this precious moment pass us by 
take a hand, make a stand, we will rise...
This project is based on, and driven by Christ's love and his mandate for unity.   'Rise Above' provides the message theme for the 'Healing Tour Project'
now grips the heart of our country and can only serve to further diminish and cloud the nation's ability to hear each other or hear God's voice and walk in his love as a nation of faith, Christian believers, or as just caring human beings.
For questions or immediate help please use the contact info below
Healing Tour Project Office Online
Healing Tour Project
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'Rise Above' was recorded live with children and families. It was released in 2005 as a track on the Leon Patillo 'Live Experience 2' CD project. 
The story here is "Rise Above" was released 15-years before it's time... for such a time as this. Today, it has arrived and is rising on its own terms as a prophecy of the possible and the necessary. It is a work whose message has evolved to it's perfect purpose as a momentous prayer and call to unity and healing in order to rise above the crippling division that
The Healing Tour Project mission is to promote unity and healing through a message of unity in common community pursuits against a backdrop of the deep and destructive division in communities across America that only serves to diminish the country's ability to hear and follow the Lord's call and guidance to work together toward a greater good for our families and in our communities. 
They include the universal language of music through the Healing Tour Artists for Unity concert events which include diverse and multiple combinations of some of the best gatherings of iconic and contemporary Gospel artists available today. 
All incorporate elements of spiritual and community awareness and leadership building that are accomplished through a diverse assembly of spiritual and community speakers from cities on the tour and whose mission is to promote a message of unity, reconciliation, healing, and balanced communication as they engage each other and minister to the many thousands of men, women, and families that will be drawn to Healing Tour Project conferences and concerts.
The Healing Tour Project elements are spiritual, musical, and educational.
The Healing Tour Project is offered, produced, and managed as a collaborative effort by Leon Patillo Ministries and La Familia Ministries in association with a 'Host' church and/or a community collaborative group in the cities that it comes to. The effort is called to a specific purpose. It is an inclusive Christian and community outreach unlike any faith and community based collaborative project.
The HopeFEST Music Festival option is a community outreach event and features a family friendly environment which incorporates community exhibits, business exhibits, arts community involvement, youth exhibits, and activities for the entire family. This is all built around festival stages that feature local speakers and artists and diverse music that compliments the Artists for Unity main concert event.
The concert and speaking presentation venue options are flexible in application to include a large church or indoor venue concert OR a major outdoor music festival outreach event with either option preceded by a faith and community leadership Unity Community Conference and a citywide outreach service..
  • The Healing Tour Artists for Unity Concerts are organized for a larger church or venue presentation or an outdoor music festival presentation as a main event. 
  • All events can be offered as either free events with underwriting at the discretion of the host and sponsors or as ticketed events with a goal of having the event be financially self sustained through ticket revenue and sponsorship. This minimizes additional financial expense considerations to churches and community groups for the concert or festival events and facilitates host flexibility to incorporate pre-event conference events and enable fundraising.
  • The difference is that one is an indoor concert event vs. an outdoor music festival event as well as the size and the attendance that can be accomodated. Overall, the difference defines the flexibility in the project cost or underwriting consideration to a host church or collaborative community group. 
  • Healing Tour Project events may also be produced as gated events in partnership with Leon Patillo Ministries and La Familia Ministries in a work, cost, and revenue sharing arrangement. For a detailed structure and business overview, click on the image to the right to view or download a PDF business overview >>>>
The Healing Tour HopeFEST Music Festival wraps the Artists For Unity concert into an outdoor music festival as well as a community and ministry outreach event. The festival event incorporates an all day concert lineup on one to two stages (One main stage and an optional second stage for local artists.) 
The Healing Tour HopeFEST Music Festival event is designed to be offered as a gated (ticketed) event with a goal of having the festival be financially self sustained through ticket revenue and sponsorship. However, underwriting and budget considerations are at the discretion of a host group, and sponsors. 
  • 'Arts Fair' featuring local artists, book exhibit area, and photographers to display, share, and sell art, photography pieces, and artist crafts. 
They offer opportunities for local faith community organizations and local community service organizations to collaborate through partnerships that may include financial support, ministry support, materials provision, and volunteer participation. Festival feature components and exhibits may include:
  • 'Welcome Area' is a spiritual and provisional resource support area. A place where guests can come speak with, and have a time of prayer with, ministry teams and guest speakers and also include community resource exhibitors. 
Festival events are non-alcoholic, family friendly, and feature exhibitors, community exhibits such as a children's interactive mural art exhibit, vendors, an arts fair, a BBQ cook off competition, food, fun, and much more. The festival format also offers opportunities at several levels including meaningful church, ministry, and community family service organization engagement with families as well as tax deductible marketing and advertising opportunities for the local business community as sponsors, contributors, or community partners.
  • 'Kids Zone' featuring Youth Interactive Mural Art Exhibit, bounce houses for kids, face painting, inflatable interactive for youth and adults
  • 'BBQ Cook Off Competition' Along with regular food vendors, specialty BBQ food vendors enter and compete for the "Best In the West BBQ Award."
  • 'Custom Car & Bike Exhibit' Custom cars, motorcycles, and lowrider display.
The local host church and/or community collaborative group may opt to offer, produce and manage a HopeFEST Music Festival in partnership with Leon Patillo Ministries and La Familia Ministries and according to a cost, revenue sharing, and responsibility sharing partnership arrangement. (See Partnership Package info.)
"I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment... and we urge you, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all. See that no one repays anyone evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to everyone." 1 Corinthians 1:10 - 1 Thessalonians 5:14
  • 'Health Fair Exhibit' The health fair exhibit is part of the Kids Zone and features basic health screening, HIV, AIDS, and resource awareness information 
  • Healing Tour Artists For Unity Concert format and dynamics include a full compliment host orchestra led by Pastor Leon that can back all of the concert artists. For more details, please feel free to contact a team representative.
A main road to progress in changing division, strife, or even that which has deteriorated to hate is redefining the conversation; thinking outside the box to a strategy of seeking agreement through meaningful dialogue at a human level by nurturing and affirming relations with those we work with and know, to outreach and agreeing to disagree, when necessary, with those we don't. 
We can agree to disagree about politics, religion, color, culture, or anything else. Notwithstanding,  on a human level we will always have, or be able to have, common ground as most parents and grandparents will always agree about the value of God's love and grace and the mandate that he places on us to maintain those things for each other as well as the consideration, compassion, and love that he requires from everyone of us for 'the least of these'. He knows no division in these matters except for the division that he watches us create and live in.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-21 "Rejoice always, pray continually, in all circumstances give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Do not quench the Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt but test them all; hold on to what is good"
No Matter What, We Can Always Find Common Ground
Redefining the Conversation
The True Power Is At the Human Level
Conference Options - Provided that Healing Tour concert or festival events are held in a weekend time frame (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)
Healing Tour Conference Scheduling Format Options
What Are We Looking For? 
"And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand... I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you... Mark 3:25, 1 Corinthians 1:10
  • One Day Conference Option
     Thursday or Friday. Day and afternoon conference into evening service.
  • Two Day Conference Option
     Wednesday/ Thursday or Thursday/ Friday option. Wednesday or Thursday day
     conference with Thursday or Friday day conference into evening service.
Speaker discussion topics and workshop presentations are meant to wade into the deep end of the pool of hot button issues and sensitivities of common people and leaders at the community level. This ranges from raw areas of the heart and issues that touch root causes of division, strife, and misunderstanding. 
 Discussion Topic and Speaker Format Options
  • The conferences incorporate the use of two Healing Tour conference coordinators who interact with local Pastors and local community leaders. Their job is to help coordinate conference details, formulate and define topic details, and serve as discussion host moderators. They also help the events team to coordinate the speaker program for concert and festival events.
To offer, ask, and take, community leaders and Pastors to this line cannot be done lightly or without a clear purpose and strategy that accomplishes something. Accordingly, speakers for conferences are those leaders and Pastors. Their mission is to arrive at and take the common ground that speaks to a greater good; that rises above opposing viewpoints for the purpose of healing the breach of division. 
  • It is the role of local Pastors and local community leaders to help define the conference discussion and workshop agenda and lead the community aspect of a conference. They serve as speakers for concert and festival events and also help manage and host concert and festival event programs.
  • In the interest of finance and cost efficiency, the conferences are best held in a community and hosted by a local church with the selection of that church equal to what Pastors and community leaders feel regarding facilities and space requirement needs would be and to accommodate evening services.
To speak with a team member Tel.: 720-300-9054 Email:
  • Workshops
     Conference days include workshop presentations
Healing Tour Conferences are organized toward unity and the tangible for those that choose to dedicate to ministry and community service vs. being served.
Conversely they can also, directly or indirectly, be the anchor that keeps and maintains those things as a status quo. It is both an individual and collective consideration and decision. Expediency is qualified and justified in many ways. Anything can be justified where expediency or convenience are the goal. However, expediency, whether political, social, or agenda driven, has no track record for enduring good when it comes to helping or ministering to people. 
Community leaders and Pastors are not addressed lightly or engaged without a purpose and strategy that leads somewhere and accomplishes something. They are the frontline operatives against division at the community and family level. In order to be effective in their roles and in that purpose, they must desire, engage, pursue, and arrive at a mutual vision that speaks to a greater good; a vision that rises above differences and opposing viewpoints for the purpose of healing the breach of division, defining common purpose, and producing tangible fruit. 
What Is The Fruit Of Tangible
It's creative and enduring work product made possible by Pastors and community leaders who have focused on helping and ministering to people. 
Holding to ones own values while respecting the space of others to have theirs in the context of finding common ground, then forging relationships and working with those different from us is a key to both establishing and maintaining unity and effective community service and collaboration. There is where we find that as parents and leaders we share many similar values and the dedication normally associated with helping or ministering to others. This is what produces the fruit of tangible and the law of balance without compromise. This is the Healing Tour.
The Healing Tour Gospel Legends concerts are organized for a larger church or venue presentation or an outdoor music festival presentation as a main event. The major difference between the two is the format of an indoor event vs. an outdoor event as well as the attendance that may be accomodated. Overall, the difference defines the flexibility in the project underwriting budget consideration to a host church, collaborative community group, or Healing Tour partner arrangement.
The events are designed to be offered as either free events with underwriting at the discretion of a host/ sponsors or as ticketed events with a goal of having the event pay for itself through ticket revenue and sponsorship which in turn can minimize additional financial expense considerations to the hosts and lend themselves to favorable considerations in hosting a conference as well as accommodate fundraising should that be a goal of a group.
The HopeFEST Healing Tour Music Festival events may also be produced as gated events in partnership with Leon Patillo/ La Familia Ministries in a responsibility and revenue sharing arrangement. The Gospel Legends concert dynamics and format include a full compliment host orchestra group that backs all of the guest artists and ministers. Inclusion and collaboration is key factor in meeting resource needs.
Detailed event blueprint information for concert and festival event configurations and community partner and sponsor outreach programs are available upon request. Please feel free to contact a team representative.
Telephone.: 720-300-9054 Email:
Christian artist Pastor Leon Patillo is a project partner and performing artist as well as the Healing Tour Project's Concert Program Director. At the present time, artist invitations are being extended to Phillip Bailey, Jaci Velasquez, Carman, Jamie Grace, Phil Keaggy, Martha Munizzi, Javier Galvan, Ashley Cleveland, Glenn Kaiser, Puchi Colon, Bryan Duncan, Lonnie Hill, the SOG Crew, and others.
  • 'Healing Tour Artists For Unity Concert'
This is the festival main event and a fixed component of any Healing Tour HopeFEST Music Festival. It is an all day stage that hosts a carefully selected combination of national level gospel artists with the ability to both perform and minister the message of healing and unity. The main stage program will include local and national faith and community leaders during music breaks.
First round of the artist and speaker selection and confirmation process is in progress and is subject to availability and artist confirmation
For an artist and speaker outreach overview, 
please click on the image to the right >>>>>
The lyrics to Gospel Artist Leon Patillo's 'Rise Above' recording tell us this...
The Healing Tour Artists For Unity Concert events include diverse multiple combinations of some of the best gatherings of iconic and contemporary Gospel artists available today combined with a National Christian Hip Hop element for young people. The artists being invited to participate are iconic in their own right; however, who are being invited more because of a commitment to ministry and their ability to share the message of healing and unity through their music.
We are looking to carefully and thoughtfully began to resume weaving a cord of unity and share and agree, or agree to disagree, while refusing to damage that cord; but protect it so that division can never be allowed to define us. This will be the community message and speakers platform at concert and festival events. 
Accordingly, during this time the site is not available for public viewing or promotion and can only be accessed via a password. This is to protect the integrity of the process of engaging and building the relationships the project requires and of the project itself. There is no individual or organizational agenda attached to this project. The information shared on this site is detailed and clear as to the mission and goals for the effort. The information speaks for itself.
This also includes the current social crossover threshold leading to conflict as well as the more serious expressions from racism and hate to Christian apathy and the expedient use of scripture and the convenient interpretation of it to justify any individual or group view point regarding politics and associated convictions.
For a detailed event and budget structure and business overview, click on the image to the right to view or download a PDF document. To speak with a festival partnership team leader call 720-300-9054 
Balance Without Compromise... Can We Talk? 
to refuse to let division, disagreement, or hostility ever defne us as a people. 
The Purpose of a Healing Tour Unity Conferences