Evangelist Art Blajos will team up with the SOG Crew Youth Movement along with a collaborative group of Denver area churches, ministries, Denver PD, and local businesses in a Denver presentation of Art Blajos' drama "Blood In - Blood Out." The presentation will be free to the public and associated with the 2017 RMPA Awards Week of activities with a youth anti drug outreach theme. The story and message will be strong. "Bring One!" Bring and bless a young person who hasn't seen this. We're bringing love for our youth and coming with resources. 
Praise Avenue is a praise ministry as well as an outreach team that has had extensive experience outreach ministry and in outdoor community outreach presentations in at risk areas of communities as well as street festivals and Christian music festivals. "Walking With Jesus" is the title of their first CD project. It has an Old School flavor with some selections being popular Old School secular standards that have been recorded as renditions with Christian lyrics. 
Merchandise: CMN guest artists and merchants are organized to manage their own projects and communications. Sales for the projects displayed and offered on this page flow through their own Paypal accounts and all revenue goes directly to their Paypal or website accounts. 
The CMN or Christian Ministry Network is a Denver based networking and promotional platform. The CMN purpose and mission is to produce and promote "Special Events" and a national network of Christian artists, churches, producers, promoters, and faith and community based outreach organizations. Many of these men and women are members or friends of an evolving community within the Christian community known as the "Christian Outreach Community." Many are also friends who have worked or collaborated with La Familia Ministries and the RMPA in outreach ministry, music festival outreach projects, and neighborhood outreach efforts from Colorado to California over many years. 
Ephesians 4:11 (NKJV)  "And he Himself gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers" 
Praise Avenue begins 2017 excited to serve those that have need for their ministry and have the desire to put them to good use in God's service to reach people. For more information on inviting Praise Avenue to minister in music at your event, please feel free to call Brother Randy Jaramillo at 720-988-6876 or Angel at the CMN at 720-300-9054. Or EMAIL Praise Avenue Ministry. 
EMAIL Praise Avenue Ministry
Proceeds from CD sales are dedicated to helping underwrite ministry expenses. To purchase a Praise Avenue CD, use the Paypal purchasing tool provided below. Simply use the Paypal drop down menu, select the number of CD's, then click on the "Buy Now" button to go to Paypal and complete your purchase. Make sure that you include your mailing address during your purchase. Pricing includes shipping. Questions? Use the phone number below or EMAIL US using the email icon below.
The 2017 RMPA Awards Week of Awareness and Celebration activities will run from Saturday, May 13th through Sunday, May 21st. Activities will include the RMPA Music Awards and Awards Gala as well as nine associated events. Evangelist Art Blajos will team up with the SOG Crew Youth Movement along with a collaborative group of Denver area churches, ministries, Denver PD, and local businesses in a Denver presentation of Art Blajos' Drama "Blood In - Blood Out." The presentation will also include a blend of SOG Youth Movement music and message ministry. This effort will be free to the public 
We are proud of our history and association with these two men and take great pride in recognizing their work and example. We thank Brother Art Blajos for closing ministry ranks and joining us to honor a mutual friend and an inspiration to many who has now finished his race and gone home. Accordingly, it is with full hearts and great pride that we collaborate to recognize Evangelists Donald "Big D" Garcia and Art Blajos.
BUENO the Band is a Latin Rock and R&B Christian Band comprised of members and former members of the legendary Latin Rock group known as MALO. 2017 marks the 17-Year Anniversary for the group and their first CD simply called "BUENO." The CD songs include the Christian version of the classic MALO hit "Suavecito" and is called "Jesu Cristo Mi Lindo."
Praise Avenue is a Denver, Colorado worship legacy music ministry that was founded by Pastor Claude Garcia and Brother Randy Jaramillo. 
Also on the CD is a Christian acapella version of the classic oldies song "Daddy's Home" called "He's Coming Home" with many originals with a San Francisco Bay area Latin Rock flavor. The group was founded and is led by Tony "El Conguero" Menjivar and former MALO guitarist Gabriel Manzo with many of the original members still performing with Pastor Tony and Gabriel including former MALO lead vocalist original BUENO member, Aki Starr. There is a Anniversary Edition BUENO CD that was released in 2016 and a new CD BUENO CD scheduled to be released and available in the Spring of in 2017. 
To buy a BUENO CD online, there is a Paypal purchasing tool provided. Simply use the Paypal drop down menu below, select the number of CD's to be purchased, then click on the "Buy Now" button to go to the Paypal purchase screen to complete your purchase. Please include your mailing address when purchasing. Prices include shipping. Questions? Click on the icon to  EMAIL US >>>>>>>>>
The Colour of Love Christian Band and ministry won't fit into traditional Christian music ministry or music categories. They are simply a Gospel and music ministry outreach vessel that people relate to and enjoy in diverse settings from a traditional church setting to a street corner outreach in an at risk area of a community. They incorporate a unique mix of every music genre including Funk, Rock, Pop, Rap, Latin, Old School, and bilingual music with an extensive original song list. When combined with the power of the Word, Colour of Love crosses all boundaries. Their purpose is to minister in song and teaching, conduct ministry outreach in traditional and diverse settings, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Their last CD is called "Barrio Praise." This is an "outreach and encouragement" collection of original praise music. In 2015 Colour of Love collaborated with Mr. Rick Stevens, former original singer for the legendary R&B Pop group Tower of Power.  A song that from that effort is a version of the TOP classic "You're Still A Young Man" called "Wake Up Young Man." This song will be available on a compilation CD of Colour of Love poular originals as bart of a 2 CD offering later this year. For more information about the CD's or to invite Coulour of Love to minister in music at your event, please feel free to call Brother Rudy Granados at 602-882-7913 or Angel at the CMMN at 303-433-2097
Since its inception, the SOG Crew Hip Hop Ministry and Elte TV has been a cutting edge youth and multimedia ministry which has been able to reach and positively impact a youthful audience by planting seeds of proactive pursuits and accomplishment through their message. For the youth they have reached, it has served as a positive enabler, a source of nurturing; and sometimes an exercise in prevention education against gangs, drugs and violence as a way of life. 
Through a cutting edge multi media capability, the SOG Crew has been able to reach the smallest to the tallest in the arenas of their efforts. Meeting, interacting, and ministering to celebrities at event red carpet opportunities to extraordinary opportunities through the favor and acceptance they have received among Native American tribes on reservations across the country; including Alaska. SOG ministries has been embraced across Colorado and has displayed leadership for young artists and ministries that collaborate in ministry efforts along Interstate 25 from Pueblo, CO  to the Northern part of the state. 
The ministry was founded and is led by Pastor Robert Ornelas of Anaheim, California. Pastor Robert has faithfully opened doors for many of the young people that have been part of the SOG experience. He has taken these young people and the ministry across the nation to share and impact youth where ever they have been. He is a Christian leader that has used music, encouragement, and prevention messages to make a difference and to share Christ.
The Latin Kings All Stars can be compared to a 2-sided coin called the Latin Kings Music Group. On one side is the Latin Kings All Stars Band and on the other is Christian music ministry comprised of the group BUENO or a BUENO ministry team. A simple concept with two distinct purposes. This effort started in March of 2009 with an idea about how to better help community organizations and churches meet community outreach needs. The idea was to create a project around music that would have market demand and pay for itself. Hence the Latin Kings Music Group was birthed. We use each Latin Kings All Stars performance to help offset the expenses to churches and community organizations that are normally associated with travel, lodging, honorarium, etc. With each Latin Kings All Stars Band performance, a Christian and/or community outreach follows the next day where a BUENO team, or the Christian version of the Latin Kings All Stars Band, With each Latin Kings All Stars Band performance, a Christian church and/or community outreach follows the next day where BUENO or a BUENO ministry team will minister in music without significant expense to our ministry hosts. This is the reason the Latin Kings Group was started.
MUSIC TRADITION - Our musical purpose is to uniquely portray and celebrate the music that a diverse global market, has listened to for many years. This is accomplished through the talent and accomplishments of a group of all time great artists in the areas of Latin Rock, R&B, Latin Pop & Soul, etc. The band and guest artists include accomplished veterans whose performance and resume credits include being tour artists and former members of MALO, Sly and the Family Stone, Tower of Power, the Lowrider Band, WAR, Santana, Mariah Carey, the Dramatics, Sapo, Parliament Funkadelic, the Brides of Funkenstein, John Lee Hooker, Jr., Michael Fanti and Spearhead, Stevie Wonder, and many others to assemble a group of world class artists that offer an unparalleled music experience.
For more information or to book the Latin Kings All Stars, BUENO the Band, or a BUENO Ministry Team call Apostle Tony Menjivar at 415-947-9126 or the CMN at 303-433-2097 or EMAIL THE CMN >>>>
Pastor Sal Perez is considered to have one of the most powerful and anointed voices in Gospel music. He is the Senior Pastor at Victory Outreach Tucson, AZ. and he ministers in word and song to thousands of people at Churches and events across the United States and abroad. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, through Pastor Sal's testimony is reaching hurting people everywhere. Pastor Sal began singing as a young man at Victory Outreach Pico Rivera in the early 80's.
He found it difficult to serve God at a young age, fell away, and started a life of drug addiction, gang violence and prison. In 1990, just after losing his mother to cancer, he remembered her words, "You are going to be a Pastor one day." In his bedroom he cried out to God and rededicated his life to the Lord. Since then he has been committed to ministry with Victory Outreach International and has been the Pastor of Victory Outreach Tucson since 1999. Because of the insight of the darkness of at risk and destructive lifestyles and the radical change in his life, Pastor Sal can now preach to lost and hurting youth and adults that are living a life of drug addiction, gang violence and prison life, giving them a message of God's changing power. It's about experience and testimony. 
Though Pastor Sal is a Victory Outreach Senior Pastor and though, under the leadership of Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni, Sr.,  the denomination basically wrote the book on "Outreach Ministry" to the hardcore lost, Pastor Sal's "Old School" style of music combined with his talent and personal style standout in their own strength and anointing and make his music and ministry very recognizable and relatable to those same people that he has been called and seeks to minister to. It's an instant conversation of mutual trust to a gang member, it's and instant open door to an honest conversation with a heroin addict or those more prone to violence than conversation, and so on. BOTTOM LINE ...all of what Sal Perez has been equipped for and brings to the table makes him a tool and weapon in God's arsenal as he uses this man to reach the lost and begin to minister to and meet the needs they have in order to start a process of bringing them out of darkness and into God's light and His plan for their lives.
Pastor Sal has released three albums (CD'S) to date. His first album is entitled "Keep Your Head To the Sky" and is comprised of a variety of Old School Christian oldies such as "Ain't No Stopping us now" and "Cross My Heart" The second is entitled "Straight From The Heart”, and the 3d is Holy Rolas Volume I . To purchase music by Pastor Sal or if you are interested inviting him to minister at your church, your festival, or your ministry event, you may communicate directly with him and his team at his site by simply clicking on any image in this section. Questions? You can call the CMN at 303-433- 2097 or simply CLICK ON THE EMAIL ICON TO YOUR RIGHT TO CONTACT US WITH YOUR QUESTIONS OR INQUIRIES >>>>>>>>>>>
Senior Pastor VO Tuscon, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona 
Anaheim, California
San Francisco, California  / Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado
BUENO is available to minister as BUENO the Band or as an abbreviated ministry team. For more information or to book BUENO the Band, or a BUENO ministry team call Apostle Tony Menjivar at 415-947-9126 or the CMN at 303-433-2097 or pleas feel free to EMAIL the CMN using the email link below.
George Castaneda, Jr. is a gifted man whose creative music ability flows from a process based on personal introspect and intuition. This combined with being a prolific song writer with a knack for creativity makes him a music world onto himself at his level and ability. Based on the proposition that music is a short circuit to the heart and can also be a window to the soul, that makes George a strategic weapon in the Lord's arsenal and a potential blessing to all that take a minute to listen to his music creations. His trademark is original composition and diversity in approaching music. That is Brother George and he has only just begun. 
Evangelist Art Blajos
Victory Outreach International Chino, California
Evangelist Donald "Big D" Garcia  (RIP)
San Fernando Valley, California
 RMPA Colorado Press Release
2017 RMPA Social Justice Awards Announcement
RMPA Director for the MA Awards Team
For more information or to invite the SOG Crew to minister at your event, please feel free to call Pastor Robert Ornelas at 714-808-2545 or the CMN at 303-433-2097 or EMAIL the CMN >>>>>>>>>
Evangelist Art Blajos
Evangelist Donald "Big D" Garcia passed on June 9, 2012.  
In respect to him and his family, we will offer his information first, followed by that of Brother Art Blajos.
While they had upheld and never violated or dishonored the Mafia code they had protected and lived by, they laid their lives on the line when they chose to change and live out lives of faith. It was not until that moment of decision and acceptance of Christ that they found out who they truly were and there was no turning back. For more than three decades since, they returned to that world and faithfully dedicated their lives to ministry and community service using their testimonies and their faith in the redeeming power that they found in Jesus Christ to touch and help redeem lives and inspiring many to come out of the world of darkness they had known.
"It is an honor for the RMPA 2017 Awards Team to announce that "Charmie Smiles Social Justice Awards" will be awarded to Evangelist Donald "Big D" Garcia (Posthumously) and Evangelist Art Blajos during the 2017 RMPA Music Awards Week of Awareness and Celebration activities. After lives of being state raised and many misspent years of service and dedication to California's street gang, prison gang, and drug world sub-cultures and roles as shot callers and/or enforcers for the Mexican Mafia, these men walked away from all of it under an automatic Mafia creed sentence of "Blood In, Blood Out." By God's grace these two men survived and they faithfully and successfully overcame the many serious challenges that followed after leaving "the life."
Art Blajos is a global Evangelist based at the Victory Outreach International mother church in Chino, California. His story is well known and is best associated with his self authored bigraphical book "Blood In, Blood Out."  Brother Art saw his beginnings in a violent gangland subculture neighborhood and later became a feared and respected character of the landscape of the prison, street, and drug subcultures of California. His early involvement led to his imprisonment at the age of sixteen. All told, he spent a total of seventeen years in prison including four and a half years on death row fighting the death penalty.
For fifteen years Art Blajos AKA "Conejo" was a member of the Mexican Mafia prison gang . His primary role was as an edict enforcer and assassin. In 1984 he made a breakthrough decision through God's conviction in his life and via the ministry of Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni and the Victory Outreach Ministry he went to a Victory Outreach Rehabilitation Home and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior. What happened then? Art will tell you this "God not only began to transform my mind but also gave me a new heart and I never looked back." 
When he later authored his biography "Blood In, Blood Out", the book became a tool that served to chronicle his life in crime, his conversion and his ministry within Victory Outreach International. The book has been tremendously effective in reaching thousands of inmates in prison systems world wide as well as other hurting people of the world with the message, the hope and the plan of Jesus Christ. His ministry includes personal street evangelism, gospel meetings, street rallies, crusades, Men's Discipleship Seminars and Prison Ministry Seminars.
For more information on booking the "Blood In, Blood Out" Drama or to invite Evangelist Art Blajos to minister at your church or event, call Art Blajos Ministries at 626-665-8419 or EMAIL your inquiry >>>>>
For more information on 2017 RMPA Awards Week - May 12th thru 21st and inviting Evangelist Art Blajos to minister during Awards Week, please call La Familia Denver 720-300-9054 or EMAIL US >>>>
During his years as a minister and gang intervention activist in Southern California Evangelist Donald Garcia AKA "Big D"was known as one of the most effective gang intervention specialists in the San Fernando Valley area of California. He was uniquely qualified through the long hard road that brought him to that distinction. 
Victory Outreach International Chino, California
During his 31-year prison career, Donald became a founding member of the California based prison gang, the Mexican Mafia or La Eme. During one of many conversations, Donald once shared that the gang was originally formed to address and enforce equity concerns among prison inmates, but then went on to become something totally different and Donald Garcia went on to be both respected and feared at every level of corrections and in the streets across California. He was considered to be a hopeless case and it was a given that he was expected by his peers to die on California's death row. But Donald found the way and when his life changed he took the raw ruthless strength that put fear in the hearts of men and let God transform him into a strong, yet humble man ready to minister and give help to anyone, anywhere. To befriend Big D was to know real friendship.
In his own words, I grew up in a single parent home; Gang members killed my father when I was only two years old. During my years of adolescence, life was unstable for me at home and school. As a teenager I created a small crew, which became the beginning of my career as a gang member. From then on my life, ages 15 years old through 46 years old, were filled with violence, incarceration and hopelessness, beginning with my residency at the state penitentiary, then graduating to the Federal prison system. This continued until I was 47 years old, then I found a new life.”
Come 1985, Donald Garcia became a committed Christian and left the gang. 
Under the direction of one who came to work with, know, and respect Big D and Brother Art Blajos and whose life was forever impacted by those relationships, the 2017 RMPA Awards Team will recognize and honor Evangelist Donald Garcia and Evangelist Art Blajos for their faithfulness and all they have done since they made the decision to walk away from complete darkness and destruction. Deservedly, we honor them for their work and accomplishments with the many thousands that they have helped to lift up out of the abyss. By these works, their faithfulness, and the fruit at their doorsteps, they represent scripture fulfilled both in their own lives and in the lives that the Lord has made them to be a vessel of fulfillment -- "And I will give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the LORD, who call you by your name, am the God of Israel."
That is when his new life began. Donald was released in 1987 and began a long association with William “Blinky” Rodriguez. When Blinky’s son, Sonny, was murdered by San Fernando gang members three years later, Donald and Blinky began an effort to stop gang violence by focusing on peace, non-violence, and Christianity. By 1993, the Valley Unity Peace Treaty was formalized and had the immediate impact of reducing gang homicides from 56 to 2 in an eleven-month period. Donald went on to author, produce, and distribute a biographical book entitled "Big D - Victorious Through God's Grace." His book found it's way around the world and his story served to minister and give hope to the hopeless including to thousands in prisons, jails, on the streets, and youth on a broad scale. 
Brother George currently hails from the Central Valley area of California not far from McFarland, CA; the town depicted in the popular movie McFarland USA, with Kevin Costner, however, he is from Santa Paula, CA.: a beautiful place with history, tradition, and beautiful people. George has recorded both secular and faith praise and worship music. Much of his music has a grass roots Latin flavor that represents his life experiences and the value and strong tie that he maintains to his culture. George has fun with his music and one can see that in the music videos that he has produced, however, on the other hand as his spiritual introspect becomes prominent through the a presence of the Holy Spirit and he begins to write and record, the depth of his love and regard for the Lord will be seen and heard through the expression of his music. This is also Brother George Castaneda, Jr
Warrior Spirit 
Santa Paula, California
For more information on booking Warrior Spirit  at your church or event, call us at 720-300-9054 or EMAIL your inquiry >>>>>>>>>>
featuring George Castaneda, Jr.
To purchase "Barrio Praise", use the Paypal tool provided above. Simply click on the drop down menu, select the quantity and click on the "Buy Now" button. You will be taken to Paypal to complete your purchase. Please make sure that you include your mailing address for shipping orders. Pricing includes shipping costs. Questions? Use the phone number given or EMAIL US >>>>>>>>
Members past and present include Claude Garcia (RIP), Randy Jaramillo, Theresa Jaramillo, Rick Delgado, Michael Mascarenas, Jr., Michael Macarenas, Sr., Dean Aragon, Antone Gallegos, Bruce Medina, Bobby Dixon (RIP), Sam Sierra, Debbie Gibson, Timmy Sanchez, and Rich Martinez. In addition, the group has been blessed to includeof other prominent ministers including Israel Herrera.
Music Ministry Outreach Artists
Music Album and CD Projects
Ministry and Speaker Bookings
"Five fold ministry means five fold unity... when in unity, harmony, and in one accord with the example of the life and ministry of Christ, and when divine resources meet human needs through a loving channel, ministry has just taken place" 
The CMN (Christian Ministry Network) Artists and Ministers page has been established in support of friends active in outreach ministry at the community level. CMN outreach ministry facilitators will assist and promote the page and the artists and projects listed on the page. In addition, we will facilitate information and requests for ministry appearances. If you are an independent Christian Artist or Minister desiring to use CMN Online, any projects and merchandise you wish to offer must be yours or authorized by the originator. In addition, you must provide hi-quality artwork of work or merchandise to be posted, and have a Paypal account that can produce a sales button that you agree to manage and be responsible for. Thank you for visiting. 
Angel Barrientos . CMN / RMPA
"Five fold ministry means five fold unity... when in unity, harmony, and in one accord with the example of the life and ministry of Christ, and when divine resources meet human needs through a loving channel, ministry has just taken place" - La Familia Ministry Denver
Event information line  303-273-5555
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This platform has been established in support of these friends in order to share their music, events, work, and testimonies as well as to facilitate their availability to churches, outreach ministries, and producers. Events you will see here incorporate both a spiritual dimension and community purpose and strategy. We encourage and support ministry outreach collaboration outside the four walls of churches across denominational lines.
For more information on ordering copies of the book "Blood In Blood Out", for info on booking the "Blood In, Blood Out" Drama, or to invite Evangelist Art Blajos to minister at your church or event, call Art Blajos Ministries at 626-665-8419 or EMAIL your inquiry >>>>>>>>
The drama presentation will also be available for Southern and Northern Colorado churches and organizations Those interested in hosting the "Blood In, Blood Out - SOG Youth Movement" presentation on Wednesday, May 17th and Thursday, May 18th are welcome to inquire. Full details will be available at the RMPA events page  February 15, 2017. To visit the events schedule click on the banner image below.
The MALO Anthology Concert Showcase is a live! high energy music experience that depicts the chronological music history of the legendary Latin Rock group MALO. The show case includes the music and many of the artists that were a part of the MALO journey from MALO's 1972 debut self titled recording project “MALO”, which produced the all time MALO classic “Suavecito, through Señorita in 1996, “Latin Legends Live!” 1997, and “MALO En Vivo” in 2005. 
MALO emerged in the early 1970’s along with many San Francisco Bay Area artists and groups to include legendary Latin Rock icon Carlos Santana. Led by the global acceptance and success of “Santana”, from Woodstock going forward, these groups and artists earned great prominence and came to contributing in the establishment of the original American music art form known as Latin Rock. 
MALO Anthology artists include singer Richard Bean the co-composer and voice on the original timeless classic recording “Suavecito”, Tony “El Conguero” Menjivar, Gabriel Manzo, Leo "El Timbalero" Rosales, Frank Bailey AKA Frankie B, Tom Poole, Martin Cantu, Octaviano Cueto AKA Aki Star, and Ramiro Amador.  
As an added feature music and show option of the era and area, the show may feature original Tower of Power singer Mr. Rick Stevens; the voice featured on the timeless classic “You’re Still A Young Man” and other early TOP standards. 
The MALO Anthology concert showcase is designed to accommodate requests for festivals and concerts for up to a 2-hour concert music showcase. 
MALO Anthology Booking and Event Coordination contact information:
Tony Menjivar . Telephone: 415-947-9126  .  Email: neewsong1959@gmail.com 
RMPA Denver . Telephone: 720-300-9054  .  Email: info@rmpadenver.com
For more information or to book the MALO Anthology Concert Showcase, call Tony Menjivar at 415-947-9126 or EMAIL to >>>>
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You may also call or email the CMN for MALO Anthology Concert production, promotions, or coordination assistance, call the CMN at 720-300-9054 or use the icon to your right to EMAIL to >>>>>>>>
The group takes stage with a 14 piece high energy Latin Rock "Wall of Sound" with a full horn section and percussion compliment. The showcase unfolds with a chronological presentation of MALO vocalists and music and maintains the elements of historical and musical authenticity as it features four decades of artists that were a key part of the MALO music experience.