The project collaborative included Cardenas Ministries in association with La Familia Ministries and a host of churches, union organizations, Colorado businesses, and Adams County and Denver community organizations. 
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The Appreciation Breakfast Project included multiple events to honor Adams County Law Enforcement Officers. Breakfasts were provided at three locations for hundreds of officers from the Adams County Sheriff's Department as well as Colorado State Patrol Officers in Brighton, Commerce City, and Strasburg. ​We thank our members of law enforcement for their service and dedication. Our prayers will always be with you. We encourage your support for them.
Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast Outreach Photo Gallery
Spirit of Giving Parade of Toys Photo Gallery 
The “Parade of Toys” is a free Christmas toy, hats, and glove distribution for kids. We were blessed to be able to successfully do the effort in Brighton, Co at low income housing developments in both 2018 and 2019. The “Parade of Toys” is organized and supported by Cardenas Ministries and a community collaborative group that includes Cardenas Ministries in partnership with area churches, businesses, and community and business organizations. We know that Christmas time can be financially challenging to parents and our goal is to lighten the financial load for members of our Brighton community with emphasis on those experiencing hardship. We couldn't do it without the caring, support, and participation of a lot of great people. We acknowledge and thank them.
​We thank all those that participated and contributed to this worthwhile effort.
The 2019 First Responders Annual Appreciation Project was an multi-city ministry, business, and community collaborative effort that was organized in the Denver Metro Area and Adams County, CO to honor and thank members of Adams County and Denver law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS communities. 
2019 First Responders Appreciation Project 
We are grateful to Adams County and Denver first responder agencies, the Adams County Sheriffs Department, the Denver Police Department, and the many community partners and volunteers that participated in and supported the effort. Through their efforts we were able to distribute over 700 free 1st Responder and Law Enforcement Bibles as well as feed and minister to 1,200 heroes.
2019 First Responders Project Photo Gallery 
Thank you! 2019 First Responders Project Community Partners
To view photos taken during the First Responders Project outreach, click on the First Responders commemorative stamp image to your right >>>>
2018 & 2019 SPIRIT OF GIVING
The 2019 4th Annual Easter Project “Great Easter Egg Hunt” was a free to the public Easter and Resurrection Day effort that took place on Sunday, April 14, 2019 in Brighton, CO. The event was a community outreach to the areas kids and families and was a tremendous success and a lot of fun for many families. There were approximately 1,000 members of families from the area that attended and participated with about 450 free Easter baskets being distributed to children.
The Easter bunny was also on hand and available for photo opportunities with children (and some adults), all in attendance were able to share in the free BBQ meal of hot dogs, hamburgers, etc., and the Carpenters Union Local 550 and the ministry provided a free book giveaway exhibit. participation
We wish to thank sponsors, community partners and volunteers for your support and participation in the 2019 4th Annual Easter Project “Great Easter Egg Hunt.”
2019 4th Annual Easter Project Photo Gallery 
To view photos taken during the Easter Project outreach, click on the  image to your right >>>>
Greetings and welcome in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for visiting the Cardenas Ministries web page. 
We thank our sponsors, community partners, and volunteers for your support and participation in the community outreach projects we have been blessed to offer or support. We are grateful to work with people who place value on grass roots community efforts to help those in need and bless others for their service.
Our family has been blessed to initiate or be involved in various community giving projects that have served to minister and contribute to families and organizations in various areas of the Colorado Front Range. We are proactive and our goal is to simply offer provisional and prayer ministry and to be available in helping meet needs in the community where we can.
As we move forward to the 2021 Easter Project outreach to the Adams County, CO area, we share similar challenges as local businesses and other non-profit organizations continue to deal with as we all continue to plan and carry out much needed community and family outreach efforts. We have a need for materials and financial donations support. Details for the project are being determined and will be available soon. Please contact us if you would like to participate and help us meet our 2021 goals. Finally, as our American and Colorado communities all continue to find our way through the challenges of today, we pray for an end to the illness and tragedy associated with the COVID 19 virus, we pray for peace and stability and God's hand in our communities and in our country. In Jesus Name. Amen.
Community partners and volunteers for the April 3rd event will be observing Covid-19 facemask and sanitizer safety protocol during all phases of the event. We have satisfied our volunteer needs for the 2021 Easter Project, however, you are both welcome and encouraged to contact us and get on our volunteer pool list. Your caring is appreciated and contact information is listed below.
We wish to thank our past sponsors and community partners for their support and participation in the 5th Annual Easter Project. We acknowledge and thank our 2021 project sponsors and community partners as well as those that have joined us in the past. and share their link information. Just click on any icon.
For materials and financial donations, please contact us at:
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Thank you for considering a financial or material donation to Cardenas Ministries. We operate in community outreach on a project to project basis primarily in the Adams County area, however, we are a collaborative ministry and have also been blessed to initiate or support outreach efforts along the Front Range I-25 Corridor.
We invite you to review the gallery for information, photos, and more of a few of the past community outreach efforts that we've been blessed to initiate or partner in. If you are interested in partnering or supporting the ministry or a project, please know that all donations and materials received go directly into the community on a project by project basis. Our sponsor Fact Sheet is being revised and will be available for review very soon and you can click on the icon below to view or download it. Thanks again for thinking of us and God bless you.
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The 2021 5th Annual Easter Project is a free to the public Easter and Resurrection Day event that will take place in the cities of Brighton and Commerce City, CO. The event will be a community outreach to kids and families in six designated apartment complexes in those areas. On Saturday, April 3, 2021 (the day before Easter), along with our church, ministry, and community partners, we will be distributing Easter baskets, socks, and other provisions to these families.
Thornton, Colorado
A schedule and information PDF document and site maps for individual apartment complex stops are provided for viewing or for downloading. Simply click on the any of the appropriate links provided below.
Schedule and information PDF Document for Community Partners - Click on the icon >>>>>
Schedule information PDF Document for Apartment Managers - Click on the icon >>>>>
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Huges Station 
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