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Our goal for Spirit of Giving Parade of Toys is to conduct a meaningful outreach effort based on collaboration and community engagement. Food and toy donations and volunteer time are the focus for community partnership participation.
Community partnership and business sponsor levels are listed below along with PDF packet links that allow viewing and downloading. Simply tap or click on the image associated with each partnership or sponsor description to view and download the associated packet. Thank you.
Sponsor opportunities are based on business or organization marketing and advertising opportunities or as a traditional donation. In the first arrangement, as a financial sponsor, your organization receives advertising and marketing considerations that are designed to promote and market your brand and business. Federal tax guidelines categorize this as a full tax deductible business expense and 100% deductible from your business' taxable income. In the latter arrangement, financial donations are taken on a traditional donation basis and a tax letter issued. All sponsor revenue are designated proceeds towards the purchase of toys and materials for the Spirit of Giving Parade of Toys project.
Financial donations can be made to Cardenas Ministries or can be accepted electronically via Paypal. To donate to the Parade of Toys using Paypal, click on the donate button and enter the amount you wish to donate and follow the prompts to complete the donation. Following your Paypal payment you will receive an electronic reciept from Paypal or if you paid from a Paypal account, a record has been made in your account. Cardenas Ministries will also provide a confirmation letter with your details of your donation for your records. For questions and for a donation letter, please call us at your convenience.
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The Appreciation Breakfast Project included multiple breakfast events to honor Adams County Law Enforcement Officers. Breakfasts were provided at three locations for hundreds of officers from the Adams County Sheriff's Department as well as Colorado State Patrol Officers in Brighton, Commerce City, and Strasburg. 
​We thank our members of law enforcement for their service and dedication. Our prayers will always be with you. We encourage your support for them.
Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast Outreach Photo Gallery
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We wish to thank our past sponsors, community partners and volunteers for your participation, time, and support in the Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast Project as well as the Spirit of Giving Parade of Toys Project. If you are interested in partnering with us on future projects as a Sponsor, Community Partner, or a Volunteer please feel free to contact us. May God bless you and your families now and going forward.
Spirit of Giving Parade of Toys Photo Gallery, December 15, 2018  
2017 Toy Drive Photo Gallery 
Our family has been blessed to be involved in, or initiate and carry out community giving projects that have served to minister and contribute to families and organizations in various parts of the Colorado Front Range area. We are proactive and our goal is to simply offer provisional and prayer ministry and be available in helping meet needs in the community when and where we can.
We wish to thank our past sponsors, community partners and volunteers for your support and participation in the Spirit of Giving Parade of Toys Project. We's especially like to thank the US Marines and the Toys-For-Tots Foundation for all that they do in helping families and making sure less fortunate kids have access to toys at Christmas. 
​We thank all those that participated and contributed to this worthwhile effort.
Thank you for considering an opportunity to partner with us as a Sponsor or Community Partner. We are organized and structured to serve the community through family focused community collaborative efforts that includes churches, ministries, community organizations, and family service organizations.  
We normally operate on a "project-By-Project" basis and have two partnership opportunities that include faith, ministry, and non profit partnerships and financial business partners.
We encourage you to contact us to talk about common community interests towards collaborating in future projects. Our contact info is found in the contact section or call Valerie Caedenas Soto directly at 720-435-0582 
This effort makes all the difference in the world to these kids; we see it on their faces at every event and every stop. So we say to the Marines, the Toys-For-Tots Foundation, and the many volunteers, God bless you. Thank you for your service.