The covenant agreement between them produced a series of events in support of Denver artists and local music based on a Latino and Black cross community collaborative vision designed to produce greater opportunity and engagement. For two years the group produced local events which celebrated and promoted Denver artists across Denver's ethnic spectrum in diverse music formats from Jazz and Blues to R&B.
Affiliate Project & FB Group Links
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The RMPA has a long established commitment to Christian music and ministry as well as secular artists and music. The Christian Music Network or CMN Network started in 2007 as a common sense ministry mentoring program for beginning Christian music ministry artists to learn and understand the difference between concert based presentations vs. Gospel based music and ministry presentations as well as 
Eventually the group expanded and diversified into other pursuits and activities in other areas of music and entertainment and across other cities in the Southwest. The fruits of those efforts were rooted in and reflected the spirit and foundational vision of what had been established through the RMPA. Accordingly, the accomplishments that were recorded in subsequent years with other efforts and projects that grew from the RMPA now represent part of our twenty six year legacy.
Video - GAP Band at Grizzly Stadium - Fresno March for Peace '05 

On December 7, 2013, Charmaine became a mother and gave birth to her first and only child, Xchotil Adelita Lee. Three days later, at age 32, she passed away from pregnancy related heart complications. Shortly afterward, the RMPA awards were renamed the "Charmie Smiles Awards" in Charmaine's honor.
Since 2007, the effort has evolved and grown to include regional coordination and collaboration support for Christian or Gospel music ministers, artists, and performers.  Early on, Brother Claude Garcia aka Joseph P. Garcia joined the effort and brought a love for the Lord, his years of experience in the music world, an indomitable spirit, and a unique street sense of humor to the table and we began using music as an evangelistic outreach tool at a new level and in new ways on the streets of Denver. The rest is a testimony of "Wow moments" and work.
He was later ordained as a Pastor and served until illness gradually limited his activities and he eventually went home in 2014. The RMPA Gospel Music Award & Outreach Leadership Awards have been named the Joseph P. Garcia Awards in his honor; that the spirit and determination he maintained in his service be passed on through his example and the awards program. 
Since 1995 the RMPA Colorado artist support mission has run parallel with events produced by what is now the La Familia Network Group and the RMPA along with sponsors and collaborative partners. From the start La Familia / RMPA events were family run by members of the RMPA founders, their collective families, and friends in the community. Many were boomers in the early years and then the youngsters came.
RMPA Music Awards History
Special thanks to Mr. Lenny Williams
A Class Act - Over the years it has been an honor.
Celebrating 26 Years of Community Involvement
26 years and 215 events later leading up to 2018, we have continued our work in support of the Denver arts community, however, we have also expanded our community role to include an ongoing support role with La Familia Ministries and other churches, ministries, and family service organizations with a focus on event planning, organization, and fundraising work in support of community outreach efforts to families and at risk members of the Denver Metro area community.
Through an evolving journey of diversity, the RMPA has operated in both the secular and Christian Gospel areas of music for eighteen of it's twenty six year history. Our journey has been defined by the people that came together and collaborated on many projects over that time through a mutually strong and evolving community vision. Accordingly, though our network has always been active in event production; our most important role is as community contributors for the past 26 years. 
For 26 years we have chosen to remain "Old School" in that we haven't and will not compromise community loyalty and respect vs. profit. It has been and remains our first priority in project and engagement decision making. For us, finance is a means to an end that sees people helped in times of challenge. 
Rocky Mountain Promoters Association
The RMPA is not about one person or organization 
The RMPA officially began in 1995 as a Denver grass roots local music support effort through the efforts of two Denver production companies called Azteca Productions and Minggia Entertainment. 
The La Familia Network is a group comprised of multiple organizations that have been actively operating locally, regionally, and nationally since 1992. They have specific purposes in entertainment and the arts for supporting music artists, producing events as well as serving the community in various ways through Christian ministry. 
We are community driven and our projects have never been limited to a for profit or commercial purpose or vision. Rather, they have included neighborhood outreaches to feed and minister to people in neighborhood parks from Colorado to California while prevention education for at risk members of communities has been a priority via prevention presentations in churches, high schools, and colleges.
In 1996 the RMPA officially became a Colorado non-profit with a mission statement to operate in support of Denver music, artists, and the Denver arts community. Accordingly, the group also produced an awards program that gave formal recognition and shed light on the contributions by local artists to the Denver community. The awards were ethnically diverse and were called the People's Choice Awards. 
A chronological tour of the La Familia journey using a sampling of event posters and graphics depicting highlights of our journey. In all things, be it good, bad, or indifferent ... blessing or challenge ... opportunity or struggle ... we are grateful and acknowledge the Lord as our blessing, protection, and covering.
2018 RMPA Awards Honorees
RMPA Charmie Smiles Music Award
The Mariachi Vasquez Denver Mariachi Music Family 
Charlene Barrientos Ortiz 
Charmie Smiles Social Justice Award
At Risk Issue Career Work and Community Service
Ms. Geri Martinez
Joseph P. Garcia (Pastor Claude Garcia) Social Justice Ministry Award
Denver Youth Career Work and Community Service
For questions or information email the awards team
About the RMPA Music and Community Awards
As our community vision grew, our awards focus expanded to include community leaders and educators whose work, sacrifices, and contributions have a positive and demonstrable impact in the lives of people in the community with an emphasis on youth and the elderly.
Ms. Rosemary Ornelas
Charmie Smiles Social Justice Award
Denver Seniors Community Career Work and Service
The first RMPA Music Awards were given on February 1, 1996 at Denver's Sloans Lake Events Center and were called the "People's Choice Awards."
The original music focus was in the music areas of Jazz, Blues, and Gospel. Accordingly, the first awards were accompanied by a spiritually based artist call to action as represented in the scripture ...
During the early 2000's another generation joined La Familia when the Director's niece Charmaine Ortiz begin to work La Familia events. She was only 17-years old at the time, but would later take the lead and incorporate her own ideas into the events as she grew to manage and run them along with extended family and friends that were more like family. By 2014, La Familia and the RMPA had become a 21-year old family and community resource and family tradition.
Charmie Smiles Awards
It is appropriate and fitting because she represents the best in the human effort and investment that the La Familia tradition has been built on over the past twenty six years. Like her, we're about people. The RMPA and all of the various organizations that came to fruition from it's seed from 1992 to 2018 evolved into a family tradition and legacy; so while the child that Charmaine left and her spirit still remain, this is a part of her legacy as it is that of our founders families and all those that have contributed or played a part in the journey. Accordingly, whether they handed out a flyer, escorted someone to a table, or mopped a floor. They are part of and own a piece of the legacy and history of the La Familia/RMPA family.
The Joseph P. Garcia Gospel & Outreach Leadership Awards
to help them learn to understand and respect the sensitivities and appropriate protocol in dealing with host Pastors, church leaders, and outreach focused ministry organizations and their leaders. 
2018 Awards will be given at the 17th Annual Luminarias 
A Christmas Celebration of the Family 
Saturday, December 1, 2018
7:00 PM to 8 PM The Best in Old School from Johnny "Old School" Avila
10:00 PM Conclusion The Remedy Band takes over with dancing to the best in New Mexico, R&B, and Tejano dance music
8:00 PM National recording artist Tony Exum, Jr. and Friends bring the Legends Tribute Show featuring Anthony Garcia with tributes to Marvin Gaye and the Isley Brothers and the best in R&B Funk dance music.
9:30 PM to 9:50 PM The RMPA Music and Community Awards
Highlands Event Center, 3550 Federal Boulevard 
(Masonic Temple Ballroom) Denver, CO 80211
Doors 7:15 PM Show starts at 8:00 PM
Luminarias 2018 Event Schedule 
Signature Events is a component of the La Familia Network Group. We provide a service in consulting, producing, and/ or promoting secular entertainment or faith based outreach events and festivals for others or partnering in collaborative efforts. 
Click on the links below for detailed information for the event shown. 
Saturday, December 8, 2018
The Father's Heart
The Father’s Heart 2018 is a Christmas community and family event. It is being offered as a free event and includes a Christmas Gospel concert featuring... 
Tony Exum, Jr.,  the Praise Avenue Praise Team, Lalo the Midwest Mex, Lonnie Hill & the Gospel Notes, and Leviticus. Also a Mexican food dinner and a winter coat, take home food, and kids toy giveaway.
Saturday, December 15, 2018
Spirit of Giving Parade of Toys
The “Spirit of Giving Parade of Toys” is a free to the public kid’s toy distribution effort to take place on Saturday, December 15, 2018 in Brighton, CO as a Christmas outreach to families and kids at Brighton low income housing developments. La Familia Ministries is blessed to be a partner with Cardenas Ministries, the Brighton Fire Dept., the Healing Place Church and others.
Click on the image for detailed information
Click on the image for detailed information, to donate toys, and for toy drop off points
"As each (of you) has received a gift, minister it one to another ... 
as good stewards of the manifold grace of God"
The history of the RMPA and the La Familia family legacy have their roots in a calling to community service that expanded to support of the arts, music and event promotion, and eventually to Christian ministry. 
It began in September 1992 in an effort by our founder and his family to help a co-worker to meet burial expenses for a newborn son who did not survive heart complications after being born.
A dinner concert benefit was organized to raise money to help out. The effort met the need and went on to exceed the financial goal. For some time following, many came with needs where children were lost to tragedy.
Since 1992, we have never said no to a parent, grandparent, or family member with a legitimate need and good spirit. Since there have been fifty plus such efforts  for many needs or reasons.
Enter the RMPA and the La Familia family
Accordingly, for a quarter century we have continued the work through our efforts in producing events that provide artists with performance and promotional opportunities and through a social justice, faith, and community leadership awards program. 
"As each (of you) has received a gift, minister it one to another ... 
                                                as good stewards of the manifold grace of God"
Only a portion of the events and experiences are portrayed here. There are literally thousands of photos and 215 events with archive promo materials that could be used, however, the idea here is to use what is necessary to educate, make a point about the value of collaboration and networking at every demographic and geographic level, and to encourage community investment ... click on the thumbnails to view
As we prepare for 2019, we maintain our community commitment and remain an ongoing support arm to the La Familia network. We will be found involved in all types and sizes of events, community outreach, a family support resource and an ally to the Christian and community street outreach community while still maintaining our commitment to artists and community leaders through the RMPA awards program.
Since 1992, the testimony that evolved through the years, the work, and investment involved literally thousands of people from all walks of life. 
A Christmas Celebration of the Family designed to offer a community and family opportunity to bring adult family members, friends, and business associates together at one place and one time for a night of celebration, dancing, and fun before the onset of busy Christmas holiday. This year Luminarias  will also host the RMPA Music Awards and be our La Familia Ministries annual fundraiser.
Click on the image for Tables - Tickets - Info
Saturday, December 1, 2018
17th Annual Luminarias 
and the  2018 RMPA Music Awards 
Coming in February 2019
Comedian Dennis Gaxiola & Friends
"Tough Being A Mexican American" 
Denver debut Straight Outta Mile High for the Valentine's Day weekend of celebration. Also, Chris Fonseca, Donnelle Marquez Prado, Sherry Coca Candelaria, and a special guest from Los Angeles, CA. Tickets, tables, and details available soon!
Coming in 2019
The Colores Music Festival 
Introducing the Colores Music Festival. "Colores" is a community event designed to celebrate the spirit, heritage, and traditions of Colorado's Latino community with the goal of sharing them with people of good will. The event will feature the Old School Legends concert and will include a heavy national gathering of legendary groups and some of Colorado's favorite local artists.
An unbelievable event you won't want to miss. Something for everyone. Detailed information coming in early 2019!
"We were young and doing the street thing. We got together to help a friend and it just kept going and growing. Little did I know that it was the beginning of a calling to ministry that would unfold over time." Minister Angel Barrientos
Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Rocky Mountain Promoters Association or "RMPA." This page is provided for information and clarification about the RMPA and the purpose of its work. The RMPA is part of the La Familia Network. It was formally established in 1995 in support of Denver artists and the arts community. The RMPA is a Colorado nonprofit corporation and operates under the 501c3 covering of La Familia Ministries and Promise Church of Fresno, California.
A Two Sided Coin ... We're About People 
La Familia Network organizations include the RMPA and LA LEN aka the Latin Entertainment Network on the secular music, event, and festival production and promotion side of activities and La Familia Ministries on the outreach ministry and Gospel music ministry end of our focus and activities. 
We are “project oriented” which means we focus on community outreach projects and ticketed entertainment and community events and festivals that we produce or collaborate in. For 18 years revenue from ticketed events have been used to cover costs and expenses for ministry outreach projects. We do not charge for outreach or any ministry help or service we extend ... period. In all things, bad, good, or indifferent ... blessing or challenge ... opportunity or struggle ... we're grateful and acknowledge the Lord as our covering. 
In all things, bad, good, or indifferent ... blessing or challenge ... opportunity or struggle ... we're grateful and acknowledge the Lord as our covering. 
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